Patios & Outdoor Kitchens

Patios & Outdoor Kitchens

Patios and outdoor kitchens take your party to the next level. They serve as a decorative focal point in your backyard with a functional purpose and also allow you to enjoy your backyard all year round, not just in the spring and summer. They are an additional living area as well as an extension of the home.

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For backyard additions and building projects, Lonestar Backyards & Buildings is one of the most trusted construction companies in Ellis County. Our family-owned company has been in business for more than 20 years. We work with you to make sure your dream project comes within budget and on time.

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Where should an outdoor kitchen be placed?

The location of an outdoor kitchen should be close to the house. Your outdoor cooking area will be more practical for preparing and transporting food if it is located near the backyard entrance of your home.

Do I need a foundation for an outdoor kitchen?

In order to build an outdoor kitchen, you must have a solid and level base. This base could be a slab of concrete, a pattern of pavers, or even a conventional deck.

Can a patio be attached to a house?

You can choose between a patio that is built into the house and one that is separate and set off from the house. Both are great possibilities, you may choose the one that is best for your surroundings.

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