Detached Garages

Detached Garages

A must for any home, a detached garage is versatile to the home and the garage itself, which can double as storage and recreational space. It can be located farther back on the property, allowing for more privacy and a longer driveway. Building a well-designed garage further back on the lot with a longer driveway will improve the overall appearance and value of your home.

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Do you really need a garage?

A garage is a must-have for many homeowners. If you own a car, a garage provides safety, convenience, and extra storage space. Even if you don’t require a garage, you may decide to sell your house in the future and face difficulties if it lacks one.

What are the benefits of a detached garage?

Detached garages limit the possibility of emissions entering your living area. Furthermore, because the garage does not share a wall with the home, you may feel more secure storing gas, oil, and other fire dangers there. Detached garages may also give extra security.

How close to a house can you build a detached garage?

Although specific setback regulations vary, the common setback from your property line is 5 to 10 feet. You’ll also need to put your garage back at least 15 feet from your main house, but you should double-check your local construction rules for specifics.

Does a detached garage increase property value?

A detached garage, like an attached garage, adds useful square footage to your home and increases its value. A detached garage may increase the appeal of your house to a larger number of purchasers. Appraisers will consider this and add your garage into the current market value of your home. The great majority of homes will gain more value from the addition of a detached garage than the garage costs to build.

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